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Fanny Lye Deliver'd
Australian Premiere

In the aftermath of the English Civil War, a devout Puritan family’s existence on an isolated farm in Shropshire is disrupted by an unexpected arrival.

It is 1657, during Oliver Cromwell’s reign, and Fanny Lye (Maxine Peake, Peterloo BFF18) lives a modest existence with her husband John (Charles Dance, Game of Thrones, The Imitation Game) and son Arthur. With John injured after the Civil War, Fanny is responsible for the farm duties and has learned to suppress her natural intelligence in her marriage to a domineering man.

Returning from church one morning, the family is astonished to find two naked runaways on their property: the bruised Thomas (Freddie Fox) and Rebecca (Tanya Reynolds). They claim to have been robbed by highwaymen and beg for shelter. Although suspicious, John allows them to stay, but rumours emerge that the couple is wanted by the authorities for subversive preaching and Fanny begins to question everything.

A gripping folk-horror thriller evoking the western and melodrama, director Thomas Clay’s third feature Fanny Lye Deliver'd is a potent brew of sex, violence and political radicalism, featuring a fierce lead performance from Maxine Peake.

Thomas Clay
Maxine Peake, Charles Dance, Freddie Fox, Tanya Reynolds
2019 | 112 min | Historical Drama, Thriller, Horror | United Kingdom, Germany
Beautifully rendering the England of four centuries past.
Best Film, London Film Festival 2019
Dragon Award, Göteborg Film Festival 2020